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Appliances (or workstations, as they used to be called) are items that the player can buy and build in Out of Space. They serve various purposes and can be acquired both at closed rooms or from the shop. Some may require a power outlet.

POWERED APPLIANCES[edit | edit source]

  • Pumpkin garden: issued upon game start. Produces Pumpkins.
  • Shower: removes Dirt when character is covered in it. Un-cocoons a cocooned player when carried into the shower by another player.
  • Macrowave: turns Pumpkins into Salad and Aliens into Chicken.
  • Mixer: turns 3 organics into a Battery.
  • Refrigerator: stores food.
  • Cleaner robot: robot that roams the ship and cleans Goo as it moves. Does not stun Aliens.

NON-POWERED APPLIANCES[edit | edit source]

  • Recycler: issued upon game start. Turns bagged garbage, stunned Aliens and packaged items into cash.
  • Armchair: issued upon game start. Recharges Fatigue.
  • Couch: Recharges Fatigue at a faster rate.
  • Bed: Recharges Fatigue at the fastest rate.
  • Sink: fills the bucket with water.
  • Rug: protects a 2x2 area from Alien Goo.
  • Plant: passively recharges Fatigue.
  • Bookshelf: speeds up any Appliances in the same room.

SPECIAL[edit | edit source]

  • Dog: needs to be fed with Pumpkins. Constantly follows the player. Barks and stuns aliens.