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Challenges are an important element in Out of Space.

Weekly Challenge[edit | edit source]

The Weekly Challenge changes every week, with a new one starting every Wednesday.

Each Weekly Challenge has a static map (non-random) and a static list of three modifiers.


  • Krogan Surprise - Eggs may spawn other items. Possible spawn list: Alien, Spray, Battery, Pumpkin
  • Sticky Goo - Being dirty slows Roomies.
  • Hyperinflation - Buying anything increases all prices. All items starts at the same price.
  • Broken Plumbing - Faucets and Sinks may fill Buckets with Goo instead of Water.
  • Transgenic Garden - Gardens may spawn other items. Possible spawn list: Pumpkin, Salad, Chicken, Trash.
  • Hardcode Housekeeping - Cocoons players on the first hit.
  • Secret Santa - Items bought at the shop are randomized within their tab. Batteries are immune to this.
  • It is Alive - Cleaning Goo may spawn (non-stunned) Aliens (instead of Trash).
  • Fast Delivery - Items bought at the shop arrive 2x faster.
  • Uncomfortable floor - Roomies don't regenerate Stamina when sleeping on the floor.