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Companions are friendly creatures who actively help the players in exchange of some resource. To spawn them, a Roomie must place their spawning mat somewhere in the ship.

PETS[edit | edit source]

Pets are friendly animals who help the players in exchange of food. To feed them, a Roomie must place an Alien or a food item on their mat.

  • Dog: Barks at Aliens, stunning them. When hungry, drinks water from Buckets on the floor.

BOTS[edit | edit source]

Bots require a powered outlet to function. After deployment, they may have to return to their mat to power up.

  • Cleaner Bot: cleans the floor of goo as it moves.
  • Watering Bot R2: cleans Roomies and Furniture with Buckets; fills Buckets with Faucets or Sinks; waters plants.
  • Chef Bot D2: moves Pumpkins to Macrowaves, feeds starving Roomies and places cooked food in Refrigerators or on Tables.