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Hunger is a health meter in Out of Space that can be emptied by eating. It knocks down players who let the bar reach its cap, forcing the player to lie on the floor until another character feeds them. If the player is playing solo, they can die from starvation.

  • Pumpkin: produced by the Pumpkin Garden, it's the first kind of food the player has access to. It has only one use.
  • Salad: Acquired by cooking a pumpkin in the microwave. It has two uses and recovers more than a pumpkin.
  • (Alien) Chicken: former Vegan Chicken, it is produced by microwaving an Alien. It is the most efficient food at emptying the Hunger bar and it has 4 uses.

Aliens cannot be eaten alive. Salad with one use and chicken with less than four uses can still be recycled at full credit value.