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Items are miscelaneous objects that cannot be placed, but instead used. They include tools, food, and more.


Directly tied to the game's win condition. A battery may be used on a power slot to power its corresponding room. Some Appliances may require a powered outlet to function, and players need to power all rooms in order to win.


These are items that serve to combat the spread of the Aliens. Some are non-consumable. some aren't.

  • Mop: Used to clean goo from the floor and stun Aliens.
  • Bucket: Transports Water. Water is used to clean goo from the floor and from doors, remove alien eggs and stun Aliens.
  • Quarantine spray: consumable item. Makes a Roomie, Furniture, door or duct temporarily immune to goo. Point and hold use-key. The effect will wear off with Water.


These are consumable items that serve to reduce Hunger.

  • Pumpkin: low satiation. Grows from Pumpkin Gardens.
  • Salad: medium satiation. Two charges. Obtained by putting a Pumpkin in a Macrowave.
  • Meat: high satiation. Four charges. Obtained by putting an Alien in a Macrowave.
  • Pizza: medium satiation. Four charges. Obtained via the Shop.