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The Shop is a core mechanic in Out of Space. With it, Roomies are able to obtain Furniture, Items and Companions in exchange of currency.

Currency[edit | edit source]

To use the shop, Roomies require money, which can be earned by various methods such as recycling items with a Recycler or exercising with the Exercise Bike. Depending on the amount of players in the match, Roomies may also start with an initial amount of currency: 30$ in a singleplayer match, 15$ in a two-player match, and 0$ in three- and four-player matches.

The team's current amount of money is always displayed in the inferior right part of the screen.

Purchases[edit | edit source]

Purchases are made via the Shop, which is divided into four sections: Items, Powered Appliances, Unpowered Furniture and Miscelaneous. To buy a product, a Roomie must navigate to its proper tab, select it and pay its cost, which may greatly vary from product to product.

After a purchase is made, a delivery order is then created, appearing as a timer in the superior left part of the screen. When the timer finishes ticking down, the delivery is made and the product appears in the Porch.

Products and Prices[edit | edit source]

While prices may vary due to Weekly Challenge rules and/or the Television, they generally have a fixed price. Listed below are all the products available for purchase, along with their corresponding prices and section.

Product Price
Quarantine Spray 10$
Pizza 15$
Recycler 15$
Battery 30$
Mop 35$
Mop 35$
Bucket 40$
Sink 40$
Powered Appliances
Outlet Extension 10$
Exercise Bike 15$
Shower 20$
Pumpkin Garden 20$
Refrigerator 25$
Macrowave 35$
Cleaner Bot CB-8 40$
Watering Bot R2 50$
Chef Bot D2 60$
Mixer 60$
Unpowered Furniture
Table 10$
Armchair 10$
Kitchen Table 15$
Couch 20$
Bed 35$
Nightstand 10$
TV 20$
Lamp 20$
Family Portraits 20$
Decorative Plant 20$
Bookshelf 25$
Rug 25$